Answers to your questions
 about The Hoxby Collective

The Hoxby Collective is a new concept that provides a platform for the best talent to do what they love, be part of a fantastic community, and create a flexible workstyle to best suit their ever-changing lifestyle. When we explain the way we work people always have questions, so we have answered the most common ones here.

Are The Hoxby Collective a recruiter?

No, we aren’t. We don’t recruit people for companies, nor place people a certain number of days a week. We curate world-class teams by bringing together talented individuals from within our community to answer briefs and solve problems. We are accountable for the collective output. We facilitate our Associates working on the projects they love, when it suits them. Although sometimes this does involve working out of our clients’ offices, we do so only occasionally and mostly in our Hoxby teams. (We do know some great recruiters though and are happy to pass on their details if that is what you are looking for!).

Will I be employed by The Hoxby Collective?

No. All of the individuals in our community are freelance professionals, who have the freedom to choose where and when they work. This means everyone either operates as a sole trader or a limited company. Even those who provide services to the ‘core’ of The Hoxby Collective (providing the branding, workflow planning and administration that make us run smoothly) are freelance. We believe it’s the only way everyone can truly choose their own workstyle.

Why not just employ people flexibly? What is the added benefit with The Hoxby Collective?

We believe that genuine flexibility can only be provided if power is given to each individual to decide exactly how and when they work. Employment contracts by their nature are a commitment to work for a single company, and usually with regular working hours – we don’t believe either of these should be forced upon anyone. Talented people should have the freedom to work in the way that motivates them.

Can I really work in any way and from anywhere?

Yes! We actively encourage our Associates to manage their own workstyle to fit perfectly with their lifestyle. We know that life changes month to month, and week to week, and work should change with it. We are very happy for all of our Associates to work differently from each other and to change their working hours as often as they like. Because of the systems we use for delivering our work, we create teams from different corners of the earth who work very effectively together.

How much will I get paid?

It’s up to you to decide your daily rate. We ask you to tell us your preferred day rate in our application form and we do our best to ensure you get this on all the projects you work on. We prefer you to pick from our drop down list in the form, but there is also space to add your own commentary. For example, some people are willing to work for a reduced day rate on projects in certain sectors (e.g. for charities) or on projects where they can benefit from accelerated learning from either the work or the senior team on the project.

Do I have to work part time? Can I still work 5 days a week?

This is completely up to you. Some of our Associates work 5 days a week, some work 37.5 hour weeks more flexibly in a way that fits around their lifestyle. Others work weekends, or evenings, or only in the afternoon. It is completely up to you, and you can work as much or as little as you would like, so long as you deliver fantastic work and we can find you the right projects to work on.

Do I need to give up my other projects/clients?

We don’t guarantee work for our Associates. Some of our Associates already work as freelancers or contractors for existing clients who they want to keep working with. Everyone in the community always has the option to work on other client projects outside The Hoxby Collective, we just ask that you are transparent with us about how much availability you have to ensure we don’t sell more of your time than you have available.

Can I bring work I’m doing directly with an existing client to The Hoxby Collective?

Yes, absolutely. Some of our Associates find that they take on projects that they would rather deliver as part of a team rather than by themselves, especially in order to delegate either more junior work, or work with specialists who can take on parts of the project. We are always delighted when our Associates and Partners bring projects to The Hoxby Collective in this way.

What is ‘Hoxby Home’?

Once a month we organise a ‘Hoxby Home’ day, when we rent a house or inspiring space and any of our Associates can come along, either for the full day or just drop in for part of it. Associates can meet other Hoxbies, bounce ideas off each other, and generally have some company for the working day, whether they are working on Hoxby projects or not. This is a great opportunity for people to meet the founders, Alex and Lizzie, and other members of the Core team in person too. They can can come along for just an hour or for the whole day – whatever is convenient!

We provide breakfast, lunch and snacks, and head out for a few drinks afterwards too.

Currently we are only organising these in London, but as we grow we have plans to launch Hoxby Homes in other places around the world soon.

With everyone working remotely, how can I collaborate effectively with other associates?

Whilst the Hoxbies are all over of the world, we are a tight community who come together over the phone, through video and messenger chats and also in person on our Hoxby Home days. Through modern technology, we are able to collaborate extremely efficiently in shared virtual spaces. Visit our blog to get a fantastic insight into what it is like to be a Hoxby Associate.

Do I have to pay to become an Associate?

No, it is free to become an Associate. All you need to do is fill out the five page form, and we will then come back to you to guide you through the rest of our application process to become a Hoxby.

Is there an application process to become an Associate?

We ask you to fill out the ‘Join Us Now’ form on our website which consists of 35 questions of varying lengths asking you about your career, experience, and skills as well as touching on personal and work preferences.  We will then review your CV, before setting up a quick call with one of our Department Leads, or inviting you to drop into a Hoxby Home day to meet with us in person (if there is one in your area).  

If we feel you’re a great fit for our values and are talented and ambitious to match, then we ask you to complete our ‘Profile’ form detailing more about your passions and workstyle preferences which will improve our ability to offer you projects that fit with your talents and your lifestyle.

We will then use all this information to give you a live project to work on. During this first project, we will ask you to work for two days at 50% of your day rate so we can see you in action. After that, we will let you know if you have been accepted into the Hoxby community, and will pay you 100% of your day rate for any days worked thereafter.

What does being a ‘Partner’ mean?

25% of the business is owned by our Partners. They all start as Associates and are invited to be Partners. They help decide how to shape the community and promote the movement towards flexible working. They are also paid a portion of our profits every 6 months.

We host a Partners Meeting every three months when we get together to shape the future of Hoxby Partners.

How do I become a Partner?

All our Partners are drawn from our pool of Associates, and are invited to become Partners based on 3 things:
Supporting and promoting the workstyle movement
Delivering exceptional work, seeking to set a new standard
Helping to build the world’s most talented virtual community

Is The Hoxby Collective just for working mothers?

We believe that everyone should be able to choose their perfect workstyle and fit it around their life, whether they have children or elderly parents, whether they volunteer for charity during the week, suffer from ill health, simply don’t like getting up too early in the morning, or like to go for long bike rides on Fridays. Our talented Associates have a huge variety of backgrounds and priorities and we welcome every one of them into The Hoxby Collective community.

Huckleberry Partners is now called
The Hoxby Collective.

Huckleberry Partners is now called The Hoxby Collective.
Welcome to our new online home, where you’ll find the information, news or opportunities you were looking for.