Why more and more millennials are choosing non-traditional workplaces.

An opinion piece from the first-hand experiences of Lexie Hume, Hoxby Associate, and millennial career-woman.

Ten months into a corporate job in the communications department of a global commercial real estate firm, my energy and creativity was dwindling. I had entered the role believing anything was possible, excited to work alongside passionate seniors who would revel in the creative process; together delivering exceptional…

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Love numbers, but don’t love 9-5?

We are actively recruiting for Accountants and Bookkeepers to join us!

  Here’s your opportunity to join one of the most innovative and passionate freelance communities in the world. We’re looking for Finance professionals at all levels to come and join our community. If you have expertise particularly in corporation tax, annual accounts returns, cash flow / forward forecasting…

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Ask yourself: Does this job really require physical presence?

An interview with our Co-Founder, Lizzie Penny

This article originally appeared in Charlie HR’s Magazine.  The Hoxby Collective is a virtual community of freelancers. Its co-founder Lizzie Penny is on a mission to destigmatise flexible working, and give modern talent greater choice to work whenever and from wherever they want. We spoke to Lizzie to learn more about her model of remote…

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Why everyone needs a sounding board at ‘work’

And how The Hoxby Collective might be the perfect community for you

No-one ever had an idea that wasn’t improved by talking it through with someone. Humans are social creatures, designed to learn and share through communication. Particularly in our working lives, we all need a community we can access for problem-sharing, idea-developing and sanity-checking. The old sayings that ‘a problem…

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Love what you do, love where you work

Hoxby Co-Founder Lizzie shares her flexible workspace

A quick insight into how our Co-Founder, Lizzie Penny, loves to work… My ideal workspace In the garden at home under the tree; it’s just shaded enough that I can see my screen, whilst still sitting in the dappled sunlight. I’m not too far from the kitchen with its endless cups of tea,…

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The Impact of Presenteeism in the Workplace – (INFOGRAPHIC)

The results may shock you.

Imagine a world where you never have to miss your child’s sports day. You’re free to meet your friends for brunch. You can take that part-time course you’ve always wanted to do. And best of all, you still get to do the job you love, and you’re judged purely on the quality of…

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“Don’t quit your day dream”

Living the life of a writer in New York

One year ago, on not much more than a whim, I packed in my day job and decided it was time to ‘follow my dream’ of becoming a freelance writer. That year was a roller coaster of ups and downs, and then I found The Hoxby Collective and the ups…

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The Essential Freelancer’s Toolkit

Phil gives us his top four.

In a world where everything is constantly changing, there are a few staples that I feel are essential to have in your ‘kitbag’ when it comes to being a successful freelancer. It’s easy to get carried away and take onboard everything every influencer says you should use. The truth…

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Huckleberry Partners is now called
The Hoxby Collective.

Huckleberry Partners is now called The Hoxby Collective.
Welcome to our new online home, where you’ll find the information, news or opportunities you were looking for.