“I can see the light, finally”

We talk to four Hoxbies about the dark places depression has taken them to and how life with the Collective has formed a vital part of their continued recovery.

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, we talk to four Hoxbies about the dark places depression has taken them to and how life with the Collective has formed a vital part of their continued recovery. Tell us a little bit about your mental health problem? Katy Kurn: I was officially diagnosed…

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Work In Progress

Hoxby’s Finance Director reveals all about her painful journey from stress to anxiety to post-natal depression into the depths of darkness and how she found the light on the other side.

Yesterday Hoxby co-founder Alex Hirst revealed how stress had left him disengaged from the world and his family around him. Alex broke his cycle at a blessedly early stage but for some, the underlying mental health problems run much deeper and stress is nothing but an early precursor to more serious debilitating problems. Helen…

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Dreaming in total darkness

Alex Hirst, co-founder of The Hoxby Collective on how a force for change grew from the joyless suffering of stress

Stress should make up a trinity of the inevitable alongside death and taxes. If not held in check it can eventually lead to the former and like the latter it is all about reaching a manageable level. For a significant proportion of the UK workforce that level of manageability has…

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Superhero Mums in Pyjamas

Victoria explores how to conquer both motherhood and career in this op-ed.

Beautifully timed on Father’s Day 2016 after Sunday lunch (and too much sticky toffee pudding), my darling daughter decided to make an appearance. It was an incredible yet utterly terrifying experience, as for any first-time mum, and since then the rollercoaster of life has undoubtedly ramped up a few gears.

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The State of the Workplace 2018

Have your say on workplace limitations

It’s been 200 years since the 8-hour working day was created. These days, tech enables many of us to work remotely and flexibly. So why are so many workplaces still wedded to the 9-5? The Hoxby Collective are conducting a wide-ranging survey to understand the limiting factors within some workplaces and the effects they can…

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Discover the world while you work

We explore the lives of some of our nomadic Hoxbies.

Typically, the reality of remote working means being able to set up an office in the comfort of our own home, perhaps venturing out to the local coffee shop – or if we’re feeling particularly adventurous, trying out the latest co-working space. But with advancements in technology and connectivity, an increasing number of…

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Full-time dad, full-time creative.

Meet Simon.

Being a Hoxby lets you CTRL+ALT+DEL: control your time; alter your workstyle to suit your lifestyle and delete that commute to the soul-shredding office job. No Hoxby better embodies this sense of CTRL+ALT+DEL than Simon Parrott: full-time dad, full-time creative. “I’ve always been a workaholic. My habits – anybody who knows…

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Typing fast with headphones

the challenges of a learning difficulty in a workplace set up against you

Most people dislike the office from time to time, but for those of us with learning difficulties or disabilities, the workplace presents a litany of hidden challenges. Harsh fluorescent lighting, the intrusion of an office radio, the constant interruption of well-meaning colleagues: these everyday occurrences can create a hostile or distressing environment for…

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Yuma! Where on Earth? Making the Most of Military Marriage

We share the stories of two inspiring Hoxby women.

Next time your partner walks in late cursing another broken down train, give thanks that they have just walked through the door at all. Then pause and imagine what it must be like to be a freelancer married into the military. It’s not just the emotional and literal upheaval of deployment, often to places where…

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Freelance Fatherhood: Gifting our children with presence.

We celebrate four freelancing fathers.

‘Are you doing anything dad?’ ‘Well, yeah, I’ve got work to do’ ‘Could you just help me clear the house, I’ve got to give the keys to the estate agent?’ ‘When?’ ‘Today.’ Simon Parrott, freelance creative director and Hoxby, has just got back…

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Huckleberry Partners is now called
The Hoxby Collective.

Huckleberry Partners is now called The Hoxby Collective.
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